The Evolution of Wedding Invitation Templates

by ryan on January 28, 2018


The Evolution of Wedding Invitation Templates


The announcement of weddings has come a long way over the centuries. Ancient civilizations used the word-of-mouth method primarily to invite guests to the big event.

Then there were town criers for shouting the announcements in the 16th century prior to the printing press when literacy was not as common as it is today. Once the printing press was invented, wedding invitation templates were used to print them and they were usually hand delivered by a courier.

The invention of the printing press

After the invention of the printing press, somewhere in the 1640s, metal plate engravings were invented and used to create beautiful wedding invitation templates. These engravings were of much better quality than what the printing press had to offer.

The only problem with the metal plate engravings was that the ink had a tendency to smudge. They remedied that problem by using a little piece of paper over the inked invitation lettering to preserve it. Fast fact: This is where the use of tissue paper in announcements started.

During the Victorian Era, most wedding announcements were handwritten and hand-delivered. Even though the postal service was available, it was quite new to the people of this era and they were not trusting of the service. This is why they chose to have their invitations delivered by a courier.

The newspaper industry revolutionized the printing of wedding announcements. Much like literacy was becoming more common, printed wedding invitations was also more common. By then, the postal service was a more reliable form of mail delivery and was used more regularly by couples for delivering their nuptial announcements.

By the turn of the century, bridal shops, printing shops and stationary shops began to pop up and they offered various wedding invitation templates from which couples could choose and have printed professionally.

Naturally, these had to be ordered well in advance in order to get them mailed to the guests with which they chose to share their blessed event.

Computers and printers were introduced into society in the 1970s/80s. Technological advancements came so quickly that within 5 years or so, couples found it possible to design and create their own wedding announcements for printing at home.

Early printers and photo software programs didn’t have the quality they do today. Nowadays, wedding invitation templates are offered online for download and people can offer professional-looking wedding announcements right from the comfort of their homes.



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