The Wide World of Wedding Invitation Templates

by ryan on January 28, 2018


The Wide World of Wedding Invitation Templates


Couples put a lot of thought and planning into their wedding. It’s a big day for them both and they want things to go as well as possible. Most of the time, couples become more detail-oriented during wedding planning than any other time in their lives. One of the first things they do is choose invitations.

This is usually done very soon after their engagement because it’s one of the most detailed and personal part of wedding planning. It’s also important to get this done in a timely manner in order to make sure the prospective guests receive their invitations.

There are many ways to get wedding announcements done. You can go to a print, stationary or bridal shop and browse through the catalog (online or offline) to find what you want and order it, you can design your own using software and specialty paper or you can use pre-designed wedding invitation templates you can download from the Internet. These can be free to use or you can pay a small amount to get the template you like the best.

It’s usually better to buy them because they are typically of better quality than free templates, but that’s a personal choice.

Two important elements for your wedding invitation templates include the following:

Color – While white, off-white or some variation of white like ivory or ecru is commonly used for wedding announcements, you can choose any color you want for yours.

Since this is about doing this yourself with pre-made templates, you want to ensure the color you choose will be cost-effective for printing. Dark colors tend to drain your ink cartridges quickly, but for fewer invitations dark colored announcements should be fine.

Design – There are too many various designs in wedding invitation templates to cover in a paragraph. The options increase when you decide to design them yourself over using pre-made wedding invitation templates. Some examples can include doves, flowers, scrolls, and those where you can attach a photo of yourselves on your invitation. These designs can range from traditional to novelty depending on your tastes.

One of the easiest ways to utilize online downloadable wedding invitation templates is to purchase specialty wedding-related kits from an office supply or stationary store online or offline.

These can make printing less expensive and faster over professional printing services, especially when your guest list is not large.



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