Wedding Invitations for Every Personality

by ryan on February 13, 2018


Wedding Invitations for Every Personality


Prior to Mr. Johannes Gutenberg inventing his printing press, weddings were largely announced by a Town Crier. This was due the fact that illiteracy was a widespread issue and so anyone who could hear the reporter became a part of the wedding party.

Most written invitations were known among society’s most elite citizens and were often done by experienced calligraphers and would often include the family’s coat of arms. These were the earliest forms of wedding invitation templates and have evolved ten-fold henceforth.

Most modern wedding invitation templates include the couple’s personalities or hobbies. The wine enthusiast may create templates with grapes or glasses of wine upon them and the bookworm may include a stack of books or a book shelf.

There are lots of templates to choose from but most often the bride to be likes to create her own so as to give the invitations that extra special touch.

There is a certain amount of etiquette involved in creating wedding invitation templates. For example, the father of the bride is typically the host of the party and therefore the invitations should read that he along with his wife are requesting the honour of presence in the marriage of his daughter and her last name is not to be included unless she will be retaining it after the wedding.

The word ‘honor’ should always be written in it’s British English form. Basically, the names of whoever is financially helping with the wedding should have their names first on the template. When the bride and groom are paying for their own wedding, their names should be first.

For the most part, wedding invitation templates can be designed in any font and writing style but most often they are either in calligraphy or italics. You can design your own template right from the comfort of your home or speak to your wedding planner about those services.

Usually any card shop will have an on-site card engraver who can not only design the template for you using your ideas, but they can also emboss your envelopes with the names of your guests as well.

Addressing the envelopes is typically the job of the mother of the bride, though, times are changing and anyone with good penmanship or typesetting skills can take on the duties.



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