What To Put On a Wedding Invitation

by ryan on February 1, 2018


What To Put On a Wedding Invitation


The big day is quickly approaching and now it’s time to send out your invitations, the only problem is that you don’t know what’s supposed to be on a wedding invitation! Whether you are making your own wedding invitation by using wedding invitation templates or if you’re going to a professional calligrapher, there are certain things that are necessary to have on them and so we’re going to go over the list.

First, let’s start with the envelopes:

The amount of envelopes used varies on the couple and what they want for their invitations but sometimes there are 2:

Outer Envelope

The outer envelope is the first impression that your guests receive when they pick up their invitation. Generally, you will want to print your return address on the back of the outer envelope so that people can return their RSVP’s to you or the postal service can redirect the letter if a particular guest has moved. You will want your return address to be printed in the same lettering as your invitations but the addresses of your guests must always look professional and neat.

Inner Envelope

The inner envelope was first developed in the olden days due to the lack of care that was used when mail was handled. Since the outer envelope took quite the beating while going through the postal system, the inner envelope was designed to further protect the contents of your invitation.

The inner envelope isn’t exactly necessary anymore but some couples do still use them. Generally, the inner envelope’s flap is not sealed but it is left closed.

The Wedding Invitations

There is a format in which the details of your invitation should be written. Feel free to manipulate the details to fit your personal likings.

1. Who is Hosting?

This is where you would put the names of the people who are paying for the wedding. For example, if you and your groom are paying for the wedding you would write “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.”

2. The Request

The second part that your guests should see is you requesting their presence at the wedding. For example, “invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage.”

3. Using the Bride and Groom’s names

Next you will want to state the Bride and Groom’s names. Generally, you will want to put the bride’s name first and you should only use the first and middle names. As for the groom, he will come second and you should write his name by using both his first, middle and last names. For example: “Anne Layla to Mr. John Mark Smith.”

4. State the Date and Time

In traditional invitations, you will see that the entire date and time is spelled out but you can also use numerical values if you prefer. For example: “Saturday, July 5th, 2017 at 7:00 P.M.”

5. Where Marriage is Taking Place

Next, you will want to state the location of your wedding but you do not have to include the address. For example, “Lions Gate Golf Club Mississauga, Ontario”.

6. Reception Details

You will want to inform your guests that there will be a reception after your wedding. You can choose whether to put this on the invitation itself or whether you want to include a separate card along with your invitation. For example: “Reception to follow at the Lions Gate Country Club”.


7. RSVP’s

You will want your guests to let you know if they will be attending your wedding or not. Mostly couples will send out a separate card for their RSVP’s. You will want to let your guests know what time you will be expecting their RSVP’s. For example: “The favour of a reply is requested before the first of May.”

There aren’t any particular fonts that are used frequently when doing wedding invitations, it’s all up to what the couple prefers. The most important thing that you want to remember when designing your invitations is that you want to make sure that it fits your personality and the theme of your wedding.

If you would rather write your RSVP on the invitation then do so, remember that it’s your day and you do not have to follow any guidelines. Best of the luck to you both and I hope that your special day is one to remember forever!



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