Wedding Invitation Templates

by ryan on January 28, 2018


Wedding Invitation Templates


Welcome to! Your source for the best wedding invitation templates available on the net!

First of all, we’d like to congratulate you on your engagement and we’re excited for your big day! We understand that not everyone may be able to afford those fancy, custom-made wedding invitations which can cost between $400 and $2500 dollars! That is why we created this website, to help you save money so that you can better spend it elsewhere.

I was married in early 2017 and we used hand-made wedding invitations that our guests just loved.

They were different, unique, and most importantly, they were us!

Besides that, hand crafting the wedding invitations was a great bonding experience for us, and we only hope that you and your partner can have the same experience. It brought us closer together as our big day approached, and it totally calmed us down when we needed to get away from the stress of wedding planning for a while.



When we learned how much money we saved, that’s when we decided to share what we know about wedding invitations and hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the templates we’ve created, as well as what we talk about on the blog.

Several people have already purchased some of our own wedding invitations which are for sale here on this blog, which can be downloaded right to your computer. If you have any questions about how it works, please send a message to me via the contact page.

Thank you for your support and once again, congratulations! May all of your wedding planning be stress free, and here’s to a lifetime of love for you and your partner!

Example Wedding Templates








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