Wedding Invitations – From Town Crier to Templates

by ryan on January 30, 2018


Wedding Invitations – From Town Crier to Templates


Your wedding day is a really big event. It’s probably the biggest event of your life until your first child is born. It’s a day you want to share with family and friends. Therefore, the wedding invitations must be chosen and sent to everyone you want there knows you are about to make the leap into marriage.

Where did the concept of wedding invitations begin? The following will cover a brief history from town crier wedding announcements to wedding invitation templates.

Archaeologists have reported finding what is believed to be wedding announcements in cave drawings.

It has been surmised that ancient civilizations used public caves to chisel their wedding invitations for presentation to the masses. It is also believed that they counted on word-of-mouth invites to weddings. These are not particularly facts, but educated theories on this subject.

What is know about getting the word out about a couple’s impending nuptials is that prior to the invention of the printing press the local town criers rode through towns on their horses or walked through towns announcing weddings. Thus, this is where the concept of wedding invitations began for all intents and purposes. This is a far cry (no pun intended) from today’s do-it-yourself wedding invitation templates.

The first records of written invitations are those done by calligraphers of the Middle Ages. This was an expensive option that was solely used for the nobility in Europe during this era. It was for the wealthy crowd. The calligraphers used the family’s personal crest on the invitation which identified the family. Some couples today have their family crests placed on their wedding invitations for decoration.

Literacy in the Middles Ages was very low, so written letters and invitations weren’t used in all circles. However, the invention of the printing press created a rise in literacy which also created a rise in printed invitations for weddings.

The printing was of a poor quality which was somewhat of a disappointment, but it was the best they had until 1642 when Ludwig von Siegen invented metal plates for engraving. This option allowed more stylish and attractive wedding invitation templates.

Attractive wedding invitation templates

During the Victorian Era, most wedding announcements were handwritten even though printing was more common. These were delivered by hand since the folks of this era mistrusted the innovative new postal system. This era sparked reception cards which are still used today in wedding announcements.

The years passed and more inventions allowed for easier and faster wedding invitation creation and delivery. Today, a couple can create and print their own invitations with a huge variety of online wedding invitation templates they can get for free or at a low cost.

My, haven’t wedded announcements come a long way!



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